Elites Languages & Consultants

A unique, Standard, and Preferably one stop Language center in East Africa


Elites Languages & Consultants

( Number One School For Learning All Languages )

A Unique, Standard, and Preferably one stop Language center in East Africa

Our Services


We deal in providing professional translation services for audio and video content.


 For different, occasions,  meetings, workshops, conferences, seminars, and events.


We provide comprehensive language teaching services to clients worldwide.


We provide business consultations to our clients and providing  guidance and support

Who we are

Tanzanite Elites languages and Consultants Company Limited is a company located in Tanzania and it offers a number of desirable language teachings, content translations, interpretation for meetings, workshops, conferences, events and consultancy services to its clients.

The company has been operating for 2 years and it offers unique, standard and preferable Languages across the world. It teaches various foreign languages and local dialects to adults and children by introducing and promoting our African culture to the world.

We offer the following services:

Courses we offer.

We offer different kinds of courses to our clients in various ways, depending on their business model, the audiences, and resources. We often create a comprehensive catalog of language courses, each tailored to different proficiency levels (beginners, intermediate, advanced) and specific languages (English, Spanish, French, etc.)

English courses

Tanzanite Elites is one of the best language companies and it offers the best English course lessons to people.

German courses

German is the largest economy in Europe so you can learn German to increase on your Job opportunities.

Kiswahili courses

Tanzanite Elites is privileged to have experience in teaching Kiswahili language in East Africa.

Chinese courses

China is a rising economic country, learn now Chinese and participate in business on a wide market.

IELTS courses

Tanzanite Elites prepares its candidates to pass the IELTS test in Tanzania and awards them.

Our online lessons

Our Online courses cover a wide range of subjects, including academic disciplines, vocational skills, language learning, and personal development. Students can choose from an extensive catalog of courses offered by our organization worldwide, giving them access to specialized knowledge and expertise. Our 0nline lessons allow you to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule.

You can learn easily English lessons online with Tanzanite Elites Language company.

Did you know that you can learn Chinese online? Join us at Tanzanite.

Give your kid a HEAD START in their daily life by exposing them to foreign languages.


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